New ERA Chair Holder Joins Técnico Lisboa and INESC-ID

Luis Caires is the new Chair Holder for the BIG European Research Area Chair project, starting in July 2023. The BIG project is focused on exploring the potential of distributed ledgers, blockchain technologies, and novel decentralised software solutions to address social challenges through three specific objectives: upgrading R&D capabilities, improving innovation potential, and raising international awareness. 

Luís Caires, now a full Professor at the Técnico Department of Computer Science and Engineering and an INESC-ID researcher, will assume a leading role within BIG, becoming responsible for resource allocation decisions, extending the BIG team, coordinating research activities, promoting collaborative networks, and securing funding. “I’m thrilled to be joining such a talented and interdisciplinary group of researchers and innovators”, he said. “I look forward to working together with the BIG research and coordination team to promote novel decentralised digital technologies and applications and close-up on BIG project objectives”, he adds. 

Prior to joining Técnico, Luis Caires was a Full Professor of Software Systems at NOVA University Lisbon and Director of the NOVA LINCS Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics.

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