WP4 – Deployment of BIGLab, Test Beds and Living Lab

Deployment of BIGLab, Test Beds and Living Lab. This work package focuses on offering the ERA Chair and the LARSyS and INESC-ID research team the opportunity to enhance the existing research labs with new equipment for world class blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and design innovation research. This equipment will be used to develop test beds that can be used not only by LARSyS and INESC-ID members but also by European and local industry partners. These test beds will play a key role in raising the visibility of the research teams and increasing their competitiveness in the Horizon 2020 programme. This work package will address the current lack of in-house and large-scale deployments and help further to aggregate and retain the critical mass. The development of a Lisbon digital living lab infrastructure is a key action of BIG to support the further development of the research capacity of LARSyS and INESC-ID under the strategic direction of the ERA Chair holder in several key application areas. The acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment will make Técnico – Lisbon more competitive and a convenient partner due to the uniqueness of the BIGLab design studio. The foreseen focus for the BIGLab serves as a shared cross-domain platform (for the smart specialization strategy application domains) that will foster interdisciplinary approaches and the exploitation of synergies among research members and collaborators. calls.