WP3 – Development of Research Capacities to Participate in the ERA

Development of Research Capacities to Participate in the ERA. The objective of this WP is to strengthen the research capacity of Técnico – Lisbon, LARSyS and INESC-ID and to promote its long-term sustainability, by providing support to foster the project management, networking and fundraising capacities of its researchers. Specifically, the WP aims to: (i) provide LARYS and INESC-ID researchers with training on the technical and practical skills needed for preparing successful applications to H2020 and to gain project management skills; (ii) build relationships with key international organizations and networks in the environmental area; (iii) consolidate and expand the network of partners through regular, bi-directional exchange of researchers and students; (iv) foster the establishment of long-term partnerships with leading research institutions; and (v) promote the preparation of applications to H2020 calls.