DCentral – Open Call for Internship Program

Are you a university student with a great idea?  Want to turn it into reality?  Get paid to work on it and have support from top researchers with an internship at DCentral Lab.


The DCentral Internship Program is aimed at talented students who are strongly motivated to share new perspectives, innovative ideas and to conduct research on Blockchain and associated technologies for social good and sustainability.  The program provides selected students, enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree programme or recent graduates (within 3 years of defending their PhDs) with the opportunity to supplement their academic knowledge with our broad network of researchers and contacts in the blockchain world and to pursue ideas that are truly interesting to them.

We’re therefore looking for new, exciting, and fun ideas from Masters, PhD and early PostDoc students that can change the dynamics of blockchain/cryptocurrencies, challenge the community to think differently and possibly even be the next big thing.

How to Apply?

Step 1 – Submit the following:

  • Your idea, along with any drawing or concept – nor more than 1 A4 page of paper is needed. If you can describe it in one paragraph, that’s fine too!
  • A brief CV.
  • Why you think DCentral is the place to try to build it – no more than 250 words.

Step 2– The ERA Chair team will review the ideas according to the requirements set out below.

Step 3 – The ERA Chair team will offer a 3-month internship position to develop the ideas to the 3 best-ranked students

Step 4 – Build it!

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. Novelty of the idea – is it something new or an innovative take on an existing problem? Ideas submitted should not be a copy of an idea from somewhere else.
  2. Please note: We are also willing to receive applications for detailed literature reviews or survey development if you are from economics, public policy or other social science backgrounds. Applications will still be judged on novelty
  3. Ability of the applicant to deliver the project outlined – e.g., do you have the right coding skills to build the project? Or the right methodology training to build a survey?
  4. Ability of DCentral to support the project in question; we will assess DCentral’s ability to provide the right support for you to be successful in your project.
  5. Alignment to the principles of DCentral:
    1. Blockchain and associated technologies – we are interested in blockchain or other types of decentralised technologies as well as AI, ML, Cybersecurity, Advanced Communication technologies, etc…
    2. Projects should be aimed at Social Good and/or sustainable development:
      1. Social Good – projects should have a positive impact on society or individuals, rather than be solely motivated by profit
      2. Sustainable Development – projects should assist the world through balancing the economic, social and environmental impacts on the world. For a short-term internship, we will assess the ability of the project to deliver on one of these three pillars
Submission Process:

Please submit the application package via email to the following address: bigerachair-hires@iti.larsys.pt 

Please put “Internship” in your Subject Line.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
     research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 952226.